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Rubber stamps in Edmonton

Rubber Stamps

Edmonton-based Royal Rubber Stamp & Sign Co. was founded in 1957 and, at the time, its focus was on providing the Edmonton region with high-quality rubber stamps and corporate seals.

Although the business has since expanded to offer complete signage services, Royal Rubber Stamp is proud to continue offering superior-quality rubber stamps in Edmonton at competitive prices and with same-day service.

Royal Rubber Stamp is committed to service excellence and providing clients with the highest-quality product, and it only partners with vendors and suppliers who share this mission. This ensures that the custom stamps, daters and name tags offered by Royal Rubber Stamp are simply the best quality products available.

Clients include Alberta Health Services, APEGA, ATCO Electric, City of Edmonton, Government of Alberta, Government of Canada, the RCMP and the University of Alberta.

Rubber stamps and non self-inking daters

Royal Rubber Stamp’s traditional rubber hand stamps and daters, used with ink pads, are perfect for every stamping application in an office or home setting.

These stamps are economical, durable, fully customizable and can be ordered in a variety of sizes. The rocker base makes traditional rubber hand stamps and daters ideal for marking uneven surfaces.

These stamps are commonly used as Commissioner for Oaths stamps, name and address stamps or decorative stamps for scrapbooking, as well as for marking interoffice correspondence or dating incoming and outgoing mail or deposit slips.

Stamp accessories

Royal Rubber Stamp offers a wide range of stamp accessories both in-store and online, including stamp pads, ink and replacement ink cartridges for Trodat Printys and Trodat Professional products.

Stamp pads are available in a variety of sizes and colours. In addition, Royal Rubber Stamp offers a range of specialty inks, including a complete line of ink for industrial applications and fast-drying, high-seal ink ideal for use on glossy surfaces.

Self-inking stamps and daters

Self-inking stamps and daters are one of Royal Rubber Stamp’s best-selling items, as they are easy to use, store and maintain.

Self-inking stamps and dates are used for a variety of applications at home, in the office or on the go, such as Commissioner for Oaths stamps, name and address stamps or signature stamps.

Trodat’s self-inking stamps offer thousands of clear impressions and the durable construction is backed by a lifetime warranty, making them ideal for frequent, precise and reliable use. Trodat’s Printy daters are ideal for general office use, while the Professional line is well suited for warehouse and industrial applications.

Royal Rubber Stamp also offers custom pre-inked Evo stamps, which are most commonly used for circulation stamps and as built shop drawings stamps. A range of sizes are available to suit various applications.

Corporate seals and embossers

Royal Rubber Stamp offers a complete line of corporate seals, including rubber stamp seals and both manual and electric embossing options, to suit every application.

Embossing corporate seals are typically used by legal institutions, financial institutions, corporations and notary publics to emboss documents for official use. Embossing seal models include pocket, desk, mark maker and long reach models.

Royal Rubber Stamp understands that embossing corporate seals are often needed on short notice and is committed to customizing embossing corporate seals within four hours.

It is important to note that while rubber stamp seals are the most economical option, these are often not accepted by many legal and financial institutions.

Name tags and name plates

Name tags and name plates are an extension of an organization’s corporate identify and provide staff a professional image and consistent look.

Royal Rubber Stamp offers engraved or printed name tags and/or name plates in both plastic and metal.

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